country legend and tracy byrd.jpg (337766 bytes)

Country Legend With Tracy Byrd


Counterfit-&-Country-legend.jpg (49183 bytes)

Country Legend With Our Friend Johnny Counterfit



Ray-Price-and-legend.jpg (46013 bytes)

Ray Price With Country Legend


Haggerd-and-Rick-nd-Gary.jpg (39882 bytes)

Merle Haggerd and  Rick and Gary


Gen-Norman--and-Legend.jpg (26635 bytes)

It Was a Honor to Meet General Norman Schwartzcoff


willy nelson and gary.jpg (30251 bytes)


Willie Nelson and Gary In Willie's Bus


County_legend_and_david_frizzell_and_wife.jpg (35383 bytes)

Country Legend And David Frizzell and His Wife Jo

Also Norm Buck and Rick's Daughter Jennifer

Tunica_with_Cash_Little_John_and_Gary2-6-7-04_073.jpg (16028 bytes)

Gary With Little John Counterfit

Tunica_with_Cash_counterfit_family2-6-7-04_076.jpg (20508 bytes)

Johnny Counterfit and Family


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