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Kingy Hess-What can you say about ole thumper himself. As Rick likes to say "He was made in Japan, and we are still waiting for some of the parts"

Kingy is the oldest member of the band  and can remember letting Gary in .His musical career started in high school playing the Trombone. "And we are thankful every day that he gave that up" says Scotty.

Kingy began playing bass with bluegrass and square dance bands, and still loves good ole country music. "I don't understand why these guys need all them monitors and lights on stage" says Kingy "Back when I started, we did not even need microphones" To which Gary adds "YEAH-because they did not have electricity back then!"

Kingy helps out with the harmonies and delivers a strong Bass beat. Don't ask him about retirement. Rick has told him before "You can quit and die-or you can die and quit-either way, your not getting out of this band alive! But I must add, Kingy is probably is the coolest dude on this planet"

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