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Out of all the members in this band, Rick is the most complicated."I am shy but boastful, jovial but moody, quiet but loud, mellow but high strung, and unsure but arrogant" Always thinking ,Rick's  quietness can sometimes be taking out of context. But as Rick will tell you "Hey, believe me, I am a nice guy"

Rick began playing at the age of 9,had his first band at 14,and got the pleasure to share the stage with Merle Haggard at age 15."It has all been a great ride and always will be"

Rick is very accomplished on accoustic and electric guitar, bass and drums, and performs vocal duties as well on some lead vocals and a LOT of harmony vocals.

 Rick is also an accomplished song writer who has won a ASCAP award, a Billboard and a few Nashville Songwriters awards. His songs have been recorded from Nashville to Australia and has had some national success for the likes of Tommy Cash, Dale Hooper, Johnny Counterfit and David Frizzell.

Born and raised in Watsontown PA. He LOVES traveling the world and performing when ever and wherever possible. "Of all the artist we have seen and worked with I am STILL most dedicated to the music Willie and Waylon and of course  Jones and Haggard. I am a firm believer that a great song only needs minimal music because the words are EVERYTHING to a song"

"Rick and Scott came as a package deal in June of 1990" says Gary, "and that is fine with me and Kingy. It has been a long and winding road for sure!"

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