Mifflinburg, Pa.


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Country Legend on stage at Mifflinburg


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Rick doing some fast finger movements on the guitar


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Good photo of the whole band


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One of the very few pictures we have of the drummer (skippy) in action


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Joe singing his heart out


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We had a beautiful crowd at Mifflinburg


07.28.05 mifflinburg-7.jpg (224990 bytes)

Country Legend enjoys playing the show


07.28.05 mifflinburg-8.jpg (295911 bytes)

Is Gary dancing?????


07.28.05 mifflinburg-9.jpg (287494 bytes)

Skippy being Skippy


07.28.05 mifflinburg-11.jpg (242012 bytes)

Donnie Raymond sings Act Naturally with Country Legend


07.28.05 mifflinburg-10.jpg (319683 bytes)

Shelby Nestler singing on stage


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